Ayr Amateur Radio Group
                                      Obituary Dennis Cram GM3NIG It is with great sadness that we wish to record the recent passing of Dennis Cram GM3NIG on the first of June 2018.  He joined the Ayr Amateur Radio Group on his move to Troon some years ago, and was largely responsible for instigating our Special Event operations from the Scottish Maritime Museum in Irvine.  This has been a most successful event for the Club over a number of years.  We all admired his very dry sense of humour, the cut and thrust of His “banter” on our daily Club Net and his undoubted abilities. Needless to say He’s most deeply missed by us all. Dennis was born and raised in the city of Glasgow and like many others of His generation served as a National Serviceman in the Royal Air Force during the late 1940s.  After this short period he trained to be an Osteopath in London, and after qualification performed this role over many years as a very respected Practitioner in Glasgow. Growing up he developed a deep love of amateur radio gaining much experience in the hobby and especially so in the art and technology of building antennas. He became a stalwart member of the Windy Yetts Contest Group activating many of the outlying and rare Scottish Offshore islands under the auspices of IOTA, (Islands on the Air). These included St. Kilda, The Flannans and Shiant Islands amongst many others, all of which are very much remembered for all the escapades and adventures the Group enjoyed. Dennis also maintained a deep interest in aviation, held a Private Pilot’s Licence for many years, was a Member of the Prestwick Flying Club and the Prestwick branch of The Royal Aeronautical Society. During the course of this time He added to His adventuresome streak by undertaking a number of fairly long distance flights including one I believe to France. I remember Him recounting some of the more interesting events He’d experienced whilst  flying in light aircraft during the many conversations we had.   I feel most privileged to have known Dennis and the memorable times we spent together. Certainly not to be forgotten. Rest in Peace Dear Friend. Gary, GM3MQO